South Grenville Food Bank

Hole in One

For Hunger

Sept. 2, 2024
Prescott Golf Club

About the South Grenville Food Bank

Our Story

The South Grenville Food Bank opened its doors in 2002 with a vision and dream to help individuals and families in need.

We serve three townships: Augusta, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal and Prescott.

The South Grenville Food Bank relies mainly on volunteers, donors, grants, and the community to operate.

Our Mission

Food For All Food Bank, a community-based organization serving South Grenville, provides food to those in need. Everyone will be treated with respect, dignity, and protection of privacy.

Our Vision

The vision of the Food For All Food Bank is simple: To eliminate hunger in South Grenville.

Our Objectives

In order to achieve our vision and mission, the Food For All Food Bank shall work to:

  • Be self-sustainable
  • Be accountable and responsive to clientele and donors
  • Expand the breadth and strength of our partnerships
  • Be leaders in the provision of information to the public regarding hunger in South Grenville
  • Demonstrate best practices throughout all development, operations, and management services
  • Develop and implement a process for ensuring adherence to the Standards of Operation across Ontario
  • Represent rural interests at the provincial and federal level

Board of Directors 2023–2024

Chair: Carol Ravnaas
Vice Chair: Roxanne Riddell
Treasurer: Heather Lawless
Secretary: Vicki Davy
Director: Cora Mills
Director: Sally Murdock
Director: Sharron Nolan
Director: Angela Goyette
Director: Kim Sutherland-Cross


Executive Director: Bonnie Pidgeon Cougler
Warehouse: Kevin Towns